Hamat Alezz Trading Establishment was established in 2002 with the motto “QUALITY MATERIALS AND SERVICES AT COMPETITIVE COST” in Saudi Arabia as a Project Support Company to serve Oil and Gas market,since then there is no looking back as we achieved huge success by associating ourselves with the best name in Petro-Chemical Plants Construction Companies and Housing Projects.

We registered ourselves with all Govt and Semi Govt Department such as.
1. Saudi Aramco.
3. SEC( Saudi Electrical Co-operation)
4. Saudi Maadan.
5. Royal Commission.

All EPC and A Class Civil contractors recognized us by registering our company with them as material and services provider organization. Below are details of some of our cleints.

2. Flour Arabia.
3. Mitsubishi.
5. Samsung Engineering Company.
6. Hyundai Engineering Company.
7. Khonaini Intl Construction Company.
8. Azmeel Construction Company.
9. CRCC (China Railway Construction Company)
11. BCEG( Beijing Construction Company)
12. NCC( National Contracting Company)
13. SSEM……..

We established our office in 2013 in Pakistan to work with developed Power Generation and Defence Products Manufacturing Industry with the same GOAL of Satisfaction Based Services.

We are working with
1. Heavy Mechanical Complex(HMC)
2. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).
3. Pakistan Railways.
4. Pakistan Ordinance Factories.(POF)
5. Azad Jammu Kashmir Power Development Authority

We are really keen to achieve the same level of success here in Pakistan also.